Want my advice? Don’t listen to me.

Several years ago, in a car park, my dad and I came across a Lamborghini Murcielago finished in white. Today this is a common occurrence, but back then white was a colour for vans and only vans.  After wiping the flecks or vomit from our mouths we concluded it was a disaster of a paint job on such a fantastic car and that was the end of that. Except it wasn’t. The tables have now turned and white cars are everywhere and today, there are few organs I wouldn’t sell for a white Lamborghini and I feel rather foolish for my judgement.
A few years ago silver ruled the roost, black was popular too. Not surprisingly, they still are, as they are easy colours to sell on the second hand market and offend no one. In fashion terms they are like a pair of jeans; most people have them and they largely go unnoticed. Having a white car on the other hand, is like wearing Bermuda shorts; it turns heads, separates you from the crowd.
 At least it used to.
White has just been awarded the title of the world’s most popular car colour for the second year running, and for good reason. The AudiR8, Lotus Exige and Lamborghini Gallardo are all prime examples of how good a ton or two of metal can look good in white, so good in fact, that the road is littered with them. Now, as with all trends, what was once controversial and attention-grabbing has faded into the background, the over obvious choice.  Ironically then, splashing out for a dazzling white finish on your new motor no longer coaxes people into thinking you are a shepherd, but a sheep.
So what should you choose as an alternative? What shade should you spec to be original?
I am willing to bet that if someone offered to paint your current car in a shade of bronze or copper you would politely tell them to get lost. But take a look at some of the latest model press releases, it’s like they chose the paint from the Dulux ‘autumn range’. Have you seen the new Aston Martin Vanquish? Promoted in ‘Bridgewater Bronze’, or ‘rust’, as I like to call it, the light plays beautifully along its wonderfully aggressive lines. It brings to mind a beautifully crafted antique copper bath. It looks fantastic! Likewise, the new Jaguar F type can be specially ordered with imposing ‘Firesand’ paintwork, and the BMW M6 finished in Sakhir Orange certainly hits the spot.Sounds like a no brainer, but with these shades being thrust into the limelight by the car manufacturers, their popularity is rapidly increasing everyone and their mother will have one by next Tuesday.
I may have the answer. Act now and buy a car with such a horrendous paint job that people may think you may have lost your mind, because what is hated today will almost certainly be loved tomorrow. I recently drove past a BMW Z4 which looked like one of the cast of ‘The Simpsons’. I branded it disgusting. Clearly, the Lamborghini incident shows I know nothing about predicting trends, which is why you should order your next car in mustard yellow.