Geneva - Day 2 - Ready to launch, edition.

Since 2011 petrol heads up and down the land have been awaiting the official launch of the Alfa Romeo 4C, following the debut of the 4C concept at Geneva two years ago. At last their prayers have been answered as Alfa Romeo, er, sort of launched the production model. In actual fact they unveiled what they call the ‘launch edition’. Only 1000 will be made, with a price tag of just over £50,000, this means the ‘normal’ 4C should cost something beginning with a four. This makes it phenomenal value when you consider the looks barely stray from the concept and that 237bhp will be available in a car the size of a shoe. Owners will be able to pick three driving settings through Alfa’s DNA system in order to get the best from the turbocharged 1.8 litre engine in real world conditions. Killer looks, rear wheels drive and class by the bucket load means the 4C is set to make the roads a better place. Who needs out of reach hyper cars when attainable sports cars looks this good?

If you do want something a little more exclusive then the Lamborghini stand is the place to be. The insane supercar company have bought out an Aventador based motor designed by someone who has watched too many Batman films. An explosion of fins, gills, spoilers and countless angles certainly fulfils the Lambo requirement of being out there. Sadly, few will ever experience the equally ridiculous performance as this 740bhp, 220 mile an hour monster is limited to just 3 examples at £3m a pop. You will almost certainly never see one in the flesh; this was destined for PC backgrounds and bedroom walls the world over. A ludicrous car then in every sense of the word, but it’s nice to know it’s out there somewhere, being defiantly mad, in an increasingly sensible world.