I have a dream...garage

The price doing the lottery has doubled from one pound to two. Despite this I think I'm going to start playing, not so I have the money but so that someone else doesn't get it. This sounds selfish but I promise you it’s totally selfless, I want to rid the roads of rubbish. Nothing makes me seethe more than seeing someone who can clearly afford a fabulous car in a terrible one. I physically cringe when I see someone driving a Bentley Continental or a Porsche Cayenne. Which I do, a lot, because I live in Essex, where if you have lips like a puffer fish, skin like David Dickinson and sparkle more than the Orion Nebula, you are considered ‘classy’. I'm not saying these cars are no good, but for the money, I can think of literally dozens of cars I would rather buy.  

Regardless of what anyone might think, the size of someone’s wallet does not equate to a sense of style. Footballers area prime example, Mario Balotelli is Italian and has a money tree, he should have class, style and imagination; he could buy beautiful Italian classics, Aston Martins or Jags. But no, he instead bought a camouflaged Bentley Continental.  Aston Villa player Stephen Ireland owns a black Range Rover Sport with Barbie pink wheels, grill and interior trim. I mean for God’s sake! These obscene cars are what happen when you give millions of pounds to any old Tom. This is why the lottery is such a dangerous thing. One day you might be sitting in your lovely home enjoying the peace and quiet of your delightful neighbourhood when BAM! Mr and Mrs Tracksuit bottoms move in next door with a giant cardboard cheque and their collection of chrome Mercs. Now, this all sounds very snobby and big headed of me to think I know best, I do understand that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it would be boring if were all the same, blah, blah, blah. But as a car lover I barely see cars in the flesh which I love and lust after. It’s so unfair.

 I genuinely want to help people from wasting their money. Me and an old school friend used to have a game; when we saw an expensive car we weren't fond of, we would try and list cars we would prefer to buy for around the same money. Factor in the second hand market and this game is never ending and can inspire some very interesting propositions. You should try it! I genuinely do not see the point of some cars when lined up next to their competition. I cannot, for example, fathom why someone would buy a Bentley Continental when they could buy an Aston Martin Rapide. Putting my obvious resentment towards the Bentley Continental aside, my qualm isn't just about people buying cars I don’t like, but equally about no one buying cars I do like. Wealthy individuals seem to buy obvious cars not interesting cars. A case in point is Monaco. While there a few years ago, I noticed that everyone, and I mean EVERYONE had a red Ferrari F430. While this is a superb car, particularly amongst its peers at the time, what is the point in spending a very large amount of money on a car everyone else has? Surely variety is the spice of life? It’s very much the same story with the luxury cars I see on the road today, I wish people bought cars with more imagination, more care.

To even things up I will now be spending all my money on lottery tickets. If I win I promise not to spend the cash on a country home or designer clothes, but I will buy my perfect ten car garage and drive them all the time. Hopefully this will make the country’s highways a more interesting place and if you do the lottery, give your ticket to me. It’s the decent thing to do.

George’s Dream Ten Car Garage
11.       Rolls Royce Phantom
22.       Jaguar E type
33.       Hennessey Venom GT
44.       Lamborghini Aventador Spyder
55.       1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500
66.       Ferrari 250 GTS
77.       Pagani Huayra
88.       Ariel Atom V8
99.       Ferrari F40
110.   Bowler EXR S