Geneva highlights - Day 1 - Ooh La La

As the doors opened, the first day of the 2013 Geneva motor show was always going to be about one unveiling, the replacement for the Ferrari Enzo. For Ferrari a new flagship is more than just a new car, it’s a new benchmark to beat, an industry standard. Furthermore, all the technology and engineering in this car will trickle down through the range for years to come. This is arguably the most important car of the decade.

The new car was kept well under wraps until the official launch, meaning anticipation at the unveiling was sky high. But my god it was worth the wait. Apart from a slight hiccup with the name; the phrase “I drive a Ferrari LaFerrari, doesn’t sound too cool”, the LaFerrari is cool from bumper to bumper. Borrowing the sweeping headlights and a couple of curves from the gorgeous 458 Italia, the ‘La’ looks crisp and modern. An aggressive front end defined by a monstrous vent angled into the bonnet is complemented by a beautifully low, sleek profile which flows to a simply detailed back end suggestive of its F1 connections. 

The numbers are even more attractive. Ferrari has combined a 6.3 litre V12 with an electric motor in order to deliver a whopping 949bhp. That’s enough to topple Mclaren off its technological high horse. This is Ferrari’s fastest ever production car, with a top speed of 217mph it’s surely a gift from the Gods.

Increasingly a thorn in Ferrari’s side, McLaren have also introduced a new head of the family in the form of the P1. This launch lacked the wow factor of the Ferrari’s as details and images of the P1 were leaked well in advance. The styling is most definitely born out of function rather than fashion and with 903bhp on tap blended with McLaren’s engineering wizardry, you are looking at a car that will more than challenge Ferrari on a track. However, as with the battle of the 458 and 12C,to my mind Ferrari have emerged victorious by coming out with something utterly ground-breaking, both in style and substance.

Also worth a mention on day one is the Rolls Royce Wraith, a Roller aimed at those who prefer to drive rather than relaxing in the back. The drive shouldn’t be too taxing, however, as this car has the ability to scan the road ahead and select the correct gear accordingly. If that sounds too calming, then the power should make your pulse quicken. This is the fastest, most powerful Rolls Royce ever made with 6.6 litres churning out a whopping 624bhp. Rolls Royce have made a point of  emphasising this with their design. With a sloping coupé body and two tone bodywork, the Wraith brings to mind pure luxury of 1920’s motoring. This is a car Jay Gatsby would drive. A squatter  radiator grill and thin headlights give a real impression of speed and high class motoring. Don’t expect any Nürburgring records to be broken, but do expect ultimate luxury and mountains of power. All in all a very cool way of getting from A to B.