Lamborghini Egoista: A schoolboy’s dream or a schoolboy error?

Lamborghini has long established itself in the automotive market as creators of the mad and the extreme, something it has been doing very well for the last 50 years. To celebrate their momentous half century in the business, the automaker has rewarded itself with perhaps the most outrageous birthday present ever given, the Egoista concept. Is this the ultimate expression of the Lamborghini philosophy or a step too far?

Meaning ‘selfish’ in Italian, the name is a nod to the single seat cabin, meaning that drivers of the car will have to prioritise the experience over having friends. Whether this is a car that will eventually be made remains to be seen, although Lamborghini’s customers tend to have a lot of persuasive power in their wallets so a small batch with a hefty price tag wouldn’t be surprising.

While Lamborghini’s efforts to date are a collection of aesthetically extravagant beasts, they are almost always beautiful to behold. This time, however, Lambo’ seem to have pushed the mad styling too far; with vibrant orange wheels, a windscreen from the Ali G collection and a messy trident front end the Egoista looks a bit of an overkill. Striking, yes, but stunning, no.

That being said, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and like the Veneno hypercar which premiered at the Geneva motor show, this is certainly a Marmite car. I’ll leave you to decide on where you stand.

Technical details are sketchy at this stage, but power is expected to derive from Lamborghini’s 5.2-litre V10, which will probably be pushing 600bhp, if not more. Don’t expect any let up on the styling inside that pop-up windscreen/roof arrangement either. In typical Lambo’ style the single seat cockpit is intended to echo that of a fighter jet with details like a head up display.

Controversial then, the Egoista, but potentially a display of intention from Lamborghini for the years to come. Maybe next year they should just celebrate with a cake?